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Quick AUDIENT Facts

60% of AUDIENT participants are between the ages of 71 - 90.

66% are women.
Over 60% are first time users.
55% earn under $20 income;  more than half of which are earning
under $15,000.
71% are single, one person families.
60% are choosing directional microphones.


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User Satisfaction Survey Shows Satisfied Patients
Mike Langhout

by Mike Langhout

AUDIENT routinely surveys each patient receiving products and services.  This important survey has been in effect since our beginning in 2004.


The World Health Organization form we ask our providers to utilize for this purpose is known as the IOI - HA, or International Outcomes Inventory on Hearing Aids form.  It is a seven question survey, and is focused on user experience and continued user satisfaction. 


AUDIENT tabulates results from the IOI - HA survey each month.  Official results will be published next spring through Vanderbilt University, but we can report that the results are very positive.  A brief review of initial survey results is as follows...


1. 86% of respondents wear their hearing aids more than 4 hours a day.  

2. 82% said that their new hearing aids help them in the worst situations  

3. 70% of respondents indicated little remaining difficulty hearing in the worst situations. 

4. 85% say that getting help for their hearing loss was worth the effort. 

5. 69% share that their hearing difficulties have little effect on them now.  

6. 79% feel that their hearing difficulties hardly bother anyone anymore. 

7. 80% said that their enjoyment of life is much better.

Quarterly Newsletter
Issue: # 3 December / 2007 
Dear Provider,

Welcome to our third newsletter, and our first utilizing the electronic format.  We want to take this opportunity to thank all who have joined the AUDIENT ALLIANCE.  Because of partners like you, those populations that are challenged finacially have hope for their hearing loss. 
The AUDIENT ALLIANCE could not be possible without the help of so many professionals like you who are dedicated to humanitarian hearing health care.  
In this email, we have attempted to give you useful and informative brief summary articles, with a link showing you more about each subject.  
We'd like to hear from you, so please let us know if you enjoyed this newsletter.  If you would like to see articles on other subjects, feel free to send us your ideas, and we will make every effort to report on your comments or ideas in future emails.
New Suppliers and Custom Products.

With the help of AUDIENT manufacturing partners, patients can have access to Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, and Widex fully digital BTE and ITE custom hearing instruments at affordable costs.   Westone and Precision Labs provide ear molds to AUDIENT patients as well.  


A growing network of nearly 1,000 AUDIENT providers serve patients directly and witness the looks on their faces when they receive their new digital hearing aids. 


International and domestic resource partners and hearing advocacy groups talk about AUDIENT to their constituents. 


Financing options for patients are available through GE Care Credit, or the various state level assistive device financing plans. 


Download PDF of full article (84 KB)

Growth thanks to Members.

2007 witnessed the growth of the AUDIENT Alliance for Accessible Hearing Care.  Through your products, services, and referrals, thousands are receiving services.  By partnering with AUDIENT, you have made it possible for thousands of income qualified patients to receive the gift of hearing. 

AUDIENT thanks its many friends and supporters.   You can be proud to be a part of a growing Humanitarian hearing care movement.  Without your active involvement in the AUDIENT Alliance, the needs of those who could not otherwise afford the cost would not be met. 


Thank you!


AUDIENT, an alliance for accessible hearing care, is designed to assist income qualified hard of hearing people - nationwide - to access quality hearing aids and related care at significantly reduced costs.  Visit our website or call AUDIENT toll-free at 1-877-AUDIENT (877-283-4368).

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Mike Langhout
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