What's going on in AUDIENT?

* AUDIENT has over 1000 hearing care providers from 48 states who have signed provider agreements to accept AUDIENT referrals.


* In the past 18 months, 400 of them have actively accepted AUDIENT participants.


* Hearing care providers in WA, OR, TN, PA, and ME are the most active in the AUDIENT program.


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What's Going on in AUDIENT?

As we all know, the economy is at a low point and many of us, especially retired people, are feeling the pinch. This group comprises the great majority of people that AUDIENT serves.

As you know, AUDIENT is helping those on limited income access their hearing care at lower costs. Nevertheless, payment is due prior to authorization to order the hearing aids from the supplier. AUDIENT refers those in need of a loan to the alternative funding for assistive device programs. (See "Hearing Help", Advance for Audiology Volume 10 #3, pg.26) In addition, we also work with organizations that have received grants to support their local community. These are just some of the ways we work to help our AUDIENT participants.

AUDIENT's future is dependent upon the growth of the number of people we help. We are reaching out to you to help us continue to grow. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

Hearing Care Providers Ask:

We have just updated our Provider's FAQ on our website. They are designed to help hearing care providers understand the advantages of working with AUDIENT. They are also available for download. Click here to view and/or download these FAQ's.

AUDIENT Partners at Their Best

We would like to thank one very dedicated Speech and Language Therapist in California for her support of a first grader who needed hearing aids to start school. The parents had been given an estimate for two hearing aids that was unmanageable for them. They turned to AUDIENT and together with our dedicated provider and hearing aid supplier, the result is that the recommended hearing aids will cost less than half the original quote. Unfortunately the family still struggled to cover the reduced cost. Then, the day school started, we received a phone call from the school's Speech & Language Therapist notifying us that the school will help the parents make up the few hundred dollar difference. The five year old will soon have new hearing aids! That is partnership at its best.

What Are AUDIENT Partners Saying?

We are happy to report that we have great support for the program in the university communities. We have just received an important endorsement from the University of Mississippi. We are also proud of the partnerships with our longtime partners at the University of Washington and Vanderbilt University, who are among the group who have served the most AUDIENT participants. You can see their comments on our website.



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