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* AUDIENT has over 500 resource partners from 46 states who have learned about AUDIENT in various ways. We send them our brochures for dissemination to potential candidates.


* Non-governmental agencies from 10 states have helped their clients with the AUDIENT fees.


* AUDIENT has been mentioned in a study in Maine as one of the programs that seniors with hearing loss can access for help.


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Issue: # 8


What's Going on in AUDIENT?

AUDIENT was fortunate to be invited to give a presentation at the meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Washington State Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH) this month. The presentation included a review of the AUDIENT mission and guidelines. The collaboration with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation was outlined as well. Many important questions were asked and heads nodded in agreement about the need to engage the community in a better understanding of hearing loss and access to hearing aids for low income families who are not eligible for programs for very low income families.

In conclusion I reported to the committee that AUDIENT is much more active in Western Washington than in Eastern Washington and briefly described AUDIENT's plan to increase our outreach to Eastern Washington so that we can activate referrals to our network of hearing care providers who are waiting to help.

You can read about one such opportunity for AUDIENT to work with an Eastern Washington hearing care provider who helped two young twins whose parents learned about AUDIENT by searching the web. The article appeared in Advance for Audiologists series "Hearing Help" on 9/1/08 and is called From Tears to Triumph.

AUDIENT also participated in the exposition at the International Hearing Society conference in Savannah, GA. A number of hearing care providers took an interest in our program. While we were there, we attended the HearUSA presentation describing a new initiative with AARP. The presentation was excellent and the discussion that followed was interesting. HEARx, a division of HearUSA, Inc., is participating in AUDIENT and has helped many AUDIENT income qualified hearing aid candidates.

Hearing Care Providers Ask:

In order to help hearing care community resource professionals learn about AUDIENT, we have completed a short list of FAQ's. The questions posed include Question #1: "How does AUDIENT benefit my clients?" and "How should I explain the program to my clients so they can judge if it is suitable for them?" The FAQs are available for download on our website. If you have any other questions that you would like to suggest we include, please let us know at .

AUDIENT searching for new outreach ideas:

The AUDIENT alliance is very active in certain parts of the United States. Washington, our home state, has been at the top of the list very often. We have come to notice that most of the activity is in the densely populated Western Washington. AUDIENT wonders why this is the case and is looking for new avenues of outreach for Eastern Washington. If you are an AUDIENT provider or resource professional in Eastern Washington, please email us with your ideas: . Thanks!


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