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58% of AUDIENT income qualified participants are first time hearing aid users.


70% of the participants are from one member families.


67% of the participants are female.


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Issue: # 9


What's Going on in AUDIENT?

End of a Series

The professional magazine, ADVANCE for Audiologists, published a series of articles by AUDIENT called "Hearing Help" this year. The November-December 2008 issue has now hit the streets with our last article: "Don't Give Up…Give Back". This is the final AUDIENT article for the series this year. We hope you take a moment to read it.

We want to thank all of those who contributed to the success of the series especially those people who shared their stories. Their generosity helps raise awareness to the need and how, together, we can help.

Thanks also go to Mike Langhout, past President of AUDIENT, to Judi Biederman, Editor, ADVANCE for Audiologists, to the staff of Merion Publications, Inc., and to Bob Sheffels and Jonathan Hanneman, our communication team.

In addition we are proud to announce that AUDIENT is now a member of the Industry Advisory Board for ADVANCE for Audiologists.

Presentation at the Hearing Loss Association

AUDIENT gave a presentation to the Bothell, WA Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association at the Northshore Senior Center – where we noticed that our brochures were well stocked and easily available to visitors! Karen Utter, Washington State Chapter Coordinator, introduced us to a group of nearly 20 members and interested parties who gladly took brochures to help us get the word out. We want thank all the HLAA members – nationwide – for their help!

Outreach to Resource Partners

We are contacting potential resource partners in Eastern Washington and other locations across the nation. We look forward to working together to make AUDIENT easily accessed by families in need. We hope that combining our efforts will make it easier for people to find us. We are sincerely sorry that it was so difficult for the mother of the twins from Kennewick, WA to find out about AUDIENT. Read about the twins in the September issue of Advance for Audiologists.

Hearing Care Providers Ask:

Do we have a list of providers that you can give us for our clients?

AUDIENT does not provide lists of providers. AUDIENT refers income qualified participants to hearing care providers only after the provider has accepted the referral. A short call to AUDIENT can help the applicant or resource specialist know if there are existing AUDIENT hearing care providers in the area.

If there are no AUDIENT providers in the area AUDIENT will recruit a provider for income qualified participants. This can take a couple of weeks but the time can be reduced significantly with help from the resource specialist or participant.

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the process and answer any questions. 1-877-AUDIENT (283-4368) Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific Time, or leave us a voice mail and we will return your call as soon as possible.

AUDIENT Applicants Ask:

Do we have a payment plan?

This is one of the questions most commonly asked. Unfortunately the answer is no. In order to help our clients, AUDIENT has been researching alternative financing. A list of these programs around the country can be found on our website available for download.

These loans are similar to a payment plan but the interest is much lower. They are designed to help people remain independent. You can read about George Millman who qualified for the Washington Assistive Technology Foundation (WATF) Alternative Financing Loan. George volunteers in his community by helping homeless people. You can read about on him the Advance for Audiologists website.

What are AUDIENT Participants Saying?

Patricia from Wilmer, Texas wrote to us saying:

"…I have been looking for 2 years and finally found AUDIENT. Casey and Marsha responded timely and quickly. Anytime I had any questions, Marsha was able to answer any and all of my questions. I will be telling anyone and everyone about AUDIENT. It has made my dream come true. I can hear a lot better and I can hear things that I could never hear before. Thank you very much!"


is an alliance for accessible hearing care designed to assist income qualified hard of hearing people nationwide to access quality hearing aids and related care at significantly reduced costs. Visit our website: www.audientalliance.org or call us toll free:

1-877-AUDIENT (1-877-283-4368)


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