Common Questions from Patients

Am I qualified for this program?

Candidates are approved for our program based on their annual household income. There are no age limitations. You can apply from anywhere in the United States.

AUDIENT income qualification is based on the gross annual income, which includes wages/salaries, pensions and annuities, as well as Social Security benefits.

Click here to download the AUDIENT Income Qualification Chart 2009.

When looking at the annual income, do you take into consideration the number of people in the household?

Yes, the income qualifying level is scaled according to the number of dependents in your home. AUDIENT's income qualification is up to 250% above the federal poverty guideline, which equates in 2009 to $27,075 a year or less for one person, within the continental 48 states.

How do I apply for AUDIENT?

You may download our application here or call us toll-free at 1-866-956-5400 x2 to request an application. Or you can write to request an application:

EPIC Hearing Services
3191 W Temple Ave Suite 200
Pomona, CA 91768

How much does my hearing care cost?

The AUDIENT fee* for one hearing aid and related care is in the range of $760 to $1,400, for two hearing aids and related care – at the same time – the fee is in the range of $1,290 to $2,400. These fees are based on the hearing aid(s) required. The AUDIENT program fees include the following: (1) a fitting, (2) three adjustments, (3) ear mold(s), (4) fully digital hearing aid(s), and (5) a one year manufacturer's warranty**. This does not include the cost of the hearing evaluation. Your AUDIENT Hearing Care Provider will work with you to help you understand which of the hearing aids available through AUDIENT will best suit your hearing needs.

* Price and costs subject to change without advanced notice.

** The manufacturer's limited warranty period covers damage and one time loss. The payment of a $200 processing fee for each replacement hearing aid will be the AUDIENT participant’s responsibility. Additionally, AUDIENT participant is responsible to pay for any provider related expenses pertaining to dispensing the replacement hearing aids. Those expenses, if any, will be billed directly to the AUDIENT participant by the AUDIENT provider.

What about those who have health insurance or Medicare?

AUDIENT does not bill insurance companies. As a third party administrator, we are assigned the responsibility of administration of payments on behalf of the provider. The fee for the hearing aids will need to be paid in full to AUDIENT directly prior to authorization to order the hearing aids to the provider's office. We will provide you with an invoice on behalf of the provider, who is providing the products and services.

Medicare and HMOs will generally cover the cost of the hearing evaluation at an Otolaryngologist (ENT) doctor's office. As the hearing test is not included in the AUDIENT fees, you will pay for the hearing test directly to the hearing care provider. Please check with your hearing care provider to find out if your insurance will be accepted for that purpose.

Does my provider participate in the AUDIENT program?

We are currently offering the AUDIENT program to providers across the country who want to participate. Please contact your hearing care provider directly to ask if they work with AUDIENT. If they are not a current provider, once you are income qualified, AUDIENT will refer you to a provider in your area that does work with our program.

AUDIENT is always accepting new providers and if your provider is interested in joining our program, they may do so at any time. Please ask them to call us at 1-866-956-5400 x2 as soon as possible and we'll be happy to discuss the program with them.

Is AUDIENT a non-profit or for profit organization?

The organization is a subsidiary of the not-for-profit organization called SightLife®, formerly the Northwest Lions Foundation. Revenues in excess of expenses will go back into the Foundation to help achieve their charitable social mission and vision.

Does AUDIENT also offer refurbished hearing aids? Is AUDIENT affiliated with the Lions Hearing Aid Bank?

All of AUDIENT’s hearing aids are new, digital hearing aids supplied by the top manufacturers. The Lions Hearing Aid Bank is a program for refurbished hearing aids only offered within the Lions' MD19, located in the Pacific Northwest. This program is operated independent of AUDIENT. The Lions Hearing Aid Bank provides the hearing aids as a loaned instrument, due to the fact that they have been donated. If you would like information on the Lions Hearing Aid Bank, please contact 800-847-5786 ext. 148.

Are hearing aids sold directly to patients through the AUDIENT program?

No. All hearing aids and services are sold and dispensed by the providers in the AUDIENT program. The AUDIENT program is a third party administration program that collects funds from the patient on behalf of the provider, based on a signed provider agreement. All hearing aids are ordered by and shipped to the dispensing location.

updated June 12, 2013