Hear What AUDIENT Patients Are Saying

"Thank you for making hearing aids available at a reduced price in answer to prayer, as I needed them but was reluctant to purchase them because of the price. I am happy and satisfied with them."

Norma Jean & Arden Wood
Des Moines, IA

"I am ever so grateful for the Audient affiliates of the NW Lions foundation. My old hearing aids had completely worn out and as I live on a fixed income I was unable to purchase new ones at the high cost through a private sector. St. Thomas Hearing Services recommended your company and I am very thankful to them and you. My new hearing aids are very comfortable to wear, plus, I am completely deaf in one ear. With the hearing aid I can hear some with it! I would highly recommend your company to anyone that is in need of hearing devices and unable to obtain them because of the cost."

Katherine Sells
Franklin, TN

"Your program is a godsend for my family and I! It really was a great relief to not have the full expense of 2 brand new behind-the-ear aids even when they are so critical in my daily life as a mom of 2 young children and as a part time teacher for the deaf/hard of hearing – this program is a life-saver for those who consider hearing devices as a necessary medical apparatus just to function at their best/potential every day and just can't get support from their insurance companies. Thank you for lightening our financial burden so much, we appreciate it so much!"

Sarah Sporel
Romeoville, IL

"It has now been six months since my father-in-law Javier G has received his hearing aids thanks to the support of the Northwest Lions Foundation. Their participation allowed him choices of colors and styles assisted by our local opthamologist specialist who guided him into selecting a practical device for his rigorous outdoor work which endures lots of background noise. For the first time, Javier can now hear the ring tone of his home phone and answer it. He can delight in a conversation with his grandchild instead of being a non-participate on the couch. He can clearly hear his boss' instructions and he can empathetically communicate with his soft-spoken, aged mother. Thanks to Audient's hearing aids, Javier is now an active participant in his own life. The gift of communication has been restored, a whole new dimension of living. We are ever grateful to Audient and the Northwest Lions Foundation for these new possibilities. Bless you both for these possibilities."

Thelma Chapman
Bakersfield, CA

"Thanks to AUDIENT, our daughter Tanya was able to afford greatly improved hearing. The University of Washington told us about the AUDIENT program and suggested we try to get assistance since the State Social and Health Services would only provide one hearing aid. AUDIENT directed us to a top professional audiologist and Tanya was able to be fitted with two aids. AUDIENT helped immensely and the personnel who worked with us at AUDIENT were the best!"

Lakewood, WA

"I was very pleased to be helped by AUDIENT. People are very polite and helpful. I have a hearing aid thorugh you and I was so pleased, I recommended your services to my sister in Cleveland, Ohio. I just heard that she was just fit with a pair about a week or two ago. Thank you for your services."

Tom Nakao
Tukwila, WA

"Dear [AUDIENT],

Because you're such a special person, your thoughtfulness and kindness have made such a wonderful change in my life. Thank you doesn't seem enough. Your gift…is so appreciated."

Nadine Weinrich
Puyallup, WA

"I feel very remiss in not writing sooner to thank you for including me in your program. It has been a Godsend to me. I was retreating from contact with people because I could not understand what they were saying. My family were very frustrated because they had to repeat everything to me. I have been very satisfied with Hearing Center of SW Florida. It took me some time to get adjusted but they have been supportive. I really appreciate your service and thank you very much."

Lois Willmot
Sun City, FL

"I'm well satisfied with my hearing aids. I can hear so much better…And my family agrees! Thank you."

Margaret Tyo
Chillicothe, OH

updated March 11, 2009