Provider Participation Agreement

By joining the AUDIENT Alliance, you can minimize the disparity that exists by providing accessible hearing care to those who need this type of support. You can provide easy access to low income seniors, children, and families who are overqualified for existing hearing aid assistance programs.

HearNow, state government plans, non-profits, service clubs, and other organizations that help very low income seniors, children, and families with access to the hearing aids they need refer their overqualified clients to AUDIENT. AUDIENT serves those low income families who are still struggling with the costs of quality hearing aids and end up "falling between the cracks."

We hope you will join us. Download the AUDIENT Participating Provider Agreement (PDF | 33.2 KB). Or call us toll-free at 866-956-5400 if you'd like us to fax you a copy of the provider agreement.

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Updated May 31, 2011