Common Hearing Care Provider Questions

How does becoming an AUDIENT Participating Hearing Care Provider benefit my practice?

  1. REFERRALS – Low income hard of hearing people contact AUDIENT looking for help. Once they are income qualified, AUDIENT will send you an Activation Form asking if you can accept a new referral. If you are currently unable to accept a new referral, AUDIENT will refer them elsewhere.
  2. RETAINING LOW INCOME CLIENTS – Providers give the AUDIENT brochure to clients who express a need for financial assistance. AUDIENT income qualifies these clients and refers them back to the hearing care provider as AUDIENT referrals.
  3. INCOME QUALIFICATION – All referrals are income qualified, so you are assured you are helping those who genuinely need your help.
  4. BRAND NAME MANUFACTURERS – You will be able to offer hearing aids to low income families from among four of the top manufacturers: Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Widex and Unitron.
  5. PAYMENT – AUDIENT collects the fees from the hearing aid candidate upon notification of which hearing aids best benefit the candidate’s hearing loss. These fees pay for the hearing aids and the provider fee for 1 fitting and 3 adjustments ($350 for monaural; $500 for binaural). There is no billing or waiting for months until you receive payment. AUDIENT automatically sends the check out within 10 days of receiving the AUDIENT Sign-Off Form.
  6. PROCESS – The process is quick and simple with very few forms. AUDIENT is designed to work easily into your practice.
  7. RECOGNITION – As an AUDIENT provider, you can proudly inform your community that you are supporting them without being inundated with requests for help. AUDIENT helps you control the flow of patients and assure that requests for help are legitimate.

I am already helping the community. Why should I add AUDIENT to the list?

AUDIENT was designed to work with a part of the population that other programs do not support – those clients who "fall between the cracks" financially.

We can sell these models for the same price.

Then by all means do! Our experience has shown that since people who need hearing amplification are not informed of the various options that will benefit their hearing loss, they turn to AUDIENT for help.

I cannot give unlimited service to clients who have paid so little for their hearing aids. How does AUDIENT help?

AUDIENT applicants have signed that they understand the limitations of the program.

Why does AUDIENT return the whole fee to the participant if the hearing aids are returned?

The retention of fees when hearing aids are returned is controlled by the state. As a national program, AUDIENT adheres to the strictest law, which does not allow retention of fees upon timely return of the hearing aids in good condition.

For more information please call AUDIENT toll free at 1-877-283-4368.

Updated January 4, 2010