Why You Should Join the AUDIENT Alliance

Participating hearing care providers join hands with AUDIENT by accepting income qualified hearing aid candidates and providing them with necessary services to fit them with a hearing aid provided through our program.

AUDIENT facilitates low cost access to hearing health care for low income populations. It is a humanitarian enterprise with a strong social mission.

The advantages to your involvement are meaningful. When you become part of the AUDIENT Alliance, you know proper administrative controls are in place to assure that all providers in the alliance receive the same reimbursement amounts.

AUDIENT takes responsibility for income qualifying the patient and processes all billing for the cost of the hearing aids, which the participating provider orders upon authorization from AUDIENT, and the fixed fitting fees. As a provider, you will receive 100% of the patient's fixed fee upon your and the patient's final sign off or acceptance of the hearing aids.

AUDIENT will process your payment in a timely manner. You will receive your fees soon after AUDIENT receives the patient's signed rescission form that he or she accepts the hearing aids and the outcome measure survey.

AUDIENT eliminates much of the administrative costs usually associated with serving low income patients. You will not have to fill out Medicaid forms or other government paperwork.

Fees for fitting patients reflect services that include hearing aid fitting and orientation, three aural rehabilitation follow up visits, and administration of an outcome measure questionnaire.

Some patients may have a current hearing test and can provide a copy at the time of their appointment. If a patient requires a hearing test, the provider office may be choose one of the following options:

  1. Seek reimbursement under patient personal health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare;
  2. Bill the patient directly;
  3. Waive your charges for this diagnostic examination.

AUDIENT does not offer financing. However, AUDIENT will refer hearing aid candidates to local assistive technology financial loan programs where they exist.

AUDIENT informs resource partners about the program by sending free, full colored brochures to any organization dedicated to helping the underserved. These organizations included Hearing Loss Association of America, SERTOMA, the HIKE Fund, Area Agencies on Aging, senior centers, school audiologists, state agencies for the deaf and hard of hearing, assistive technology programs, and more. AUDIENT also maintains our website with the most up-to-date downloadable forms and program information.

AUDIENT is proud that the media includes our contact information in articles like the one that appeared in the US News & World Report: Good Vibrations: "They're still hearing aids. But they're better—and smaller," or in the syndicated newspaper column Savvy Senior by Jim Miller, a regular contributor to the NBC Today Show. We also appeared in the Advance for Audiologists magazine with a series of articles about low income hearing aid candidates who received help through the AUDIENT Alliance.

The AUDIENT link appears on many websites dedicated to helping the underserved with their hearing needs.

Providing hearing health care services to populations that have previously lacked access fulfills a broader mission for Hearing Health Care Providers that can be recognized as contributing to communities. Community involvement is not only right for humanity, it also can benefit your business. When you become an AUDIENT participating provider, AUDIENT will promote your practice by supplying a press release for your local newspaper explaining your role as a provider in the AUDIENT Alliance.

To become a provider, call 1-877-AUDIENT and request a participating provider form (PDF | 33.2 KB). Fill out the form and fax it back to us. There is no cost for providers to join the AUDIENT Alliance.

Please have patients you think may qualify contact AUDIENT directly at 1-877-AUDIENT. They can begin the qualification process today.

By joining the AUDIENT alliance, you help minimize the disparity that exists in this country and around the world by providing accessible hearing care to all who need this type of support.

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updated May 31, 2011