Referring a Candidate to AUDIENT

Hearing Care Providers are sometimes confronted with a dilemma when their client mentions that they are struggling financially. In this type of situation, AUDIENT can help:

  • AUDIENT will income qualify your client in order to ensure their need for help.
  • There are some community-minded providers who lower costs for clients but ask them not to speak about it. They are afraid the word will get out and many people will come asking for help. Working with AUDIENT allows you to control the flow. AUDIENT always sends a request for confirmation that you can accept an AUDIENT participant BEFORE the participant is referred. You can always say no.
  • If you have a client who you think would be a good candidate for AUDIENT, just give them our information. We will be happy to send them an application and explain how the program works.
  • Make sure any client you refer to AUDIENT includes your information on the application so we are sure to refer them back to your office.
  • If you would like to keep updated applications in your office, they are always available on our website for download.

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Updated January 14, 2010