What Other Providers Say about AUDIENT

"We fully endorse the AUDIENT program. Unlike government subsidized or other programs that provide assistance to individuals needing hearing aids, the AUDIENT program is easy to work with and very efficient. The folks that run the AUDIENT program are always there to answer the phone and to assist patients or providers. The paperwork is very limited and the products are of the highest quality. We could never offer this level of technology at such an affordable price to the patient and still retain a healthy profit without collaborating with a program like AUDIENT."

Read the full endorsement from Charles Bishop (PDF | 22.1 KB)

Charles Bishop, AuD, Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson, MS

"The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center has long been known for its commitment to the care of hearing and communicatively impaired individuals. Here in Nashville, TN we have been fortunate to utilize a hearing aid assistance program that was funded through County Legislation. That funding no longer is available for purchasing new hearing aids for economically needy persons. The AUDIENT Program enables individuals on a limited household income, that don't meet other assistance program requirements, to obtain quality hearing aids at a significantly reduced price, compared to the typical retail pricing structure. The AUDIENT program assists these individuals and more importantly recognizes the contribution the audiologist makes in the hearing aid fitting process by securing reasonable reimbursement for the audiological services. The program is an efficient and effective way of serving this very deserving population, which too often is overlooked in the free market enterprise."

Patti Hergenreder, MS, CCC-A and Bill Dickenson, Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University Bill Wilkerson Center
Nashville, TN

"The AUDIENT program has been a wonderful option for our patients who need but are unable to afford hearing aids, and who do not meet Medicaid guidelines for assistance."

Patrick Feeney, Ph.D., Chief of Audiology
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, WA

"It is such a relief to have such a strong and trustworthy program, such as AUDIENT, to offer as an option to our patients who otherwise would never be able to afford hearing aids. Our experience with the program has been positive with very prompt responses for applications and our patients have always been treated with the utmost respect."

Jackie Clark, PhD/F-AA, CCC-A, PA
Cedar Creek Hearing Center
Dallas, TX

"AUDIENT is truly a win-win program; without AUDIENT many low income patients would continue to suffer from uncorrected hearing loss. Because of our joint efforts many of my AUDIENT patients have become excellent referral sources for patients who can afford our services. I am proud to partner with AUDIENT to serve those in need.

Richard Giles, BC-HIS
Ear-Care Hearing Centers
Vancouver, WA

"Thank you for allowing [my client] to get an aid through your program. He has been a pleasure for me to work with, and seeing his face light up when I first put his new hearing aid on him reminded me of why I do what I do. I love my job! Many thanks."

Desiree Makintosh, MA, CCC-A
Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital
Hood River, OR

Last updated September 4, 2008