Common Service Partner Questions

How does AUDIENT help low-income individuals with their hearing care?

AUDIENT's mission is to provide assistance to low income hearing impaired seniors, children, and families by helping them access quality hearing aids and related hearing care at a significantly lower cost than normal.

Who is eligible for the AUDIENT program?

AUDIENT serves anyone within the United States who earns up to 250% above the national poverty guideline annually.

AUDIENT Income Qualification Chart 2009
250% Federal Poverty Guidelines*
Size of Family Unit
48 Contiguous States and D.C.
For each additional person, add:
*SOURCE: Federal Register, Vol. 74, No. 14, January 23, 2009, pp. 4199-4201

Download this Income Qualification Chart for 2009 (PDF | 30 KB)

Can my client go to their hearing care provider, or do they need to see a particular provider?

AUDIENT has a network of hearing care providers who have agreed to lower their fees in order to help those who are financially limited. Therefore, we refer candidates to one of the hearing care providers within the AUDIENT network.

Are there participating providers in our area? Do you have a list of participating providers?

AUDIENT is a nationwide program that has over 1,000 participating providers. We are able to refer a majority of our applicants to a hearing care provider in their area. A comprehensive list of our participating providers is not available for distribution.

What is the application process for AUDIENT?

Interested candidates may call us at 1-877-283-4368, and we will be happy to mail them an application, or they may download an application on our website.

What types of hearing aids are available?

AUDIENT provides new, digital hearing aids supplied from top hearing aid manufacturers: Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, Widex, and Unitron. AUDIENT provides all styles of hearing aids, including Behind-the-Ear, Open Fit, Half Shell, Full Shell, and In the Canal hearing aids along with some add-ons such as manual and automatic telecoils, twin microphones, and both wired and wireless CROS systems.

How much do my clients have to pay for the hearing aids?

The AUDIENT fee* for one hearing aid and related care is in the range of $760 - $1,400. For two hearing aids and related care – at the same time – the fee is in the range of $1,290 - $2,400. These fees are based on the hearing aid(s) required. The AUDIENT program fees include a fitting, three adjustments, ear mold(s), fully digital hearing aid(s), and a one year manufacturer's warranty**. This does not include the cost of the hearing evaluation. Your AUDIENT Hearing Care Provider will work with the patient to help him or her understand which hearing aid available through AUDIENT will best suit their hearing needs.

* Price and costs subject to change without advanced notice.

** The manufacturer's limited warranty period covers damage and one-time loss. The payment of a $200 processing fee for each replacement hearing aid will be the AUDIENT participant’s responsibility. Additionally, the AUDIENT participant is responsible to pay for any provider-related expenses pertaining to dispensing the replacement hearing aids. Those expenses, if any, will be billed directly to the AUDIENT participant by the AUDIENT provider.

Is there a payment plan option?

AUDIENT does not offer a payment plan option. The hearing aids must be paid in full before the provider orders them. We accept MasterCard, Visa, or a bank cashier's check/money order. AUDIENT can also accept Care Credit as a form of payment. Please contact for more information on their services.

If an applicant is unable to afford the reduced cost of hearing aids through the AUDIENT program, it may be helpful to seek additional financial support for purchasing the aids through a low-interest rate Assistive Technology loan. You can find the information for your state by visiting this website:

updated January 4, 2010